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People are shopping more than ever before and this trend will continue as long as they can find solutions and products that make lives easier or better.

Merchandising businesses are responsible for getting these products from the manufacturers and into the hands of the customers at the consumer or B2B level.

They handle the marketing and promotion of all types of goods, be it commercial or personal commodities, to entice consumers to make a purchase.

These businesses have to determine the quantity of goods to stock, produce sales projections, order goods, set the price for products, and analyze sales data. They also have to create display designs, visit manufacturers, come up with marketing strategies, and negotiate terms with suppliers.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the best merchandising businesses in the game that you can draw inspiration from to kickstart or grow your own merchandising company.

The businesses on this list are dedicated to staying ahead of consumer expectations by improving merchandising processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective.

Let’s check them out.

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Best Merchandising Business Examples

1. daVinci Retail

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daVinci Retail was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing state-of-the-art tools to help merchants and assortment planners overcome the challenges of retailing and optimize their processes to meet financial goals.

It was built by seasoned retail merchants who were frustrated by the lack of solutions geared towards helping them plan and buy more effectively.

daVinci is designed to help you buy right and ensure that you make money when you buy, and not just when you sell.

daVinci is extremely scalable, so it can grow alongside your business and be adapted to suit your specific preferences or needs. You can use it to buy, plan, and optimize your merchandise assortments that are specifically tailored to your customers.

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Thanks to daVinci Retail’s modular and multi-tiered architecture, you can conceptualize and execute a low-risk/high-return retail philosophy that’s suited to your pace.

You can also create strategic financial plans that will inform your buying decisions and ultimately increase sales and margin goals.

With daVinci’s Buy Management System, you can transform the way you manage buying processes and boost productivity.

The solution provides comprehensive technology and information, which you can combine with your business knowledge to achieve your merchandising objectives.

If you’re looking for a merchandising solution that can streamline the buying process, stay ahead of the competition, and maximize profit, you’ll be in good hands with daVinci.

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2. Harbor Retail

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This merchandising business has been in existence since 1946, making it one of few oldest and most reliable names in the industry.

Harbor Retail has built a thriving business by helping retailers design and develop smarter, connected, and harmonious merchandising processes at scale.

The company is equipped to handy pretty much every aspect of your merchandising chain from strategy to execution. It can help you gain insight into your customers and niche using qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Harbor Retail can help you flesh out your brand strategy including store/retail activation, product/category adjacency to bring your merchandise business to life.

It can also support your retail store design strategy to ensure you’re creating relevant and relational retail experiences that attract consumers and convince them to buy.

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Since logistics and deployment are extremely important parts of merchandising that can make or break a business, Harbor Retail offers logistics, project management, and field support services. It’s committed to helping you bring your retail dreams to life without a hitch from end to end.

In addition, Harbor Retail does an excellent job of providing customized, scalable builds for regional and national merchandising. It has seven plants situated across North America that are ever-ready to produce whatever you and your project needs.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in the merchandising industry for a while, you can optimize your operations, refine your brand story, and drive conversions for your business with Harbor Retail.

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3. Aptos

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If you’re looking for a business that specializes in all things merchandising to help you establish or grow your retail operation, consider pitching your tent with Aptos. The company has been around for over four decades and currently services over 1,000 retailers in 65 countries.

Their client list includes big names in the retail space like Sephora, Under Armour, Adidas, New Balance, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Aeropostale, JCPenney, and more.

Aptos is a merchandising solution that’s designed to optimize merchandise lifecycles and buyer journeys. With Aptos, you can build a retail enterprise that’s equipped to withstand fluctuations in customer behaviors, from planning to pricing, marketing, and fulfillment.

The company’s platforms, solutions, and services can help your merchandising brand create unique experiences for your customers and quickly adapt as needed to increase loyalty and your bottom line.

Aptos’ omnichannel software allows you to unify shopping experiences across all your retail touchpoints, devices, and channels. You can use the planning solution to predict, measure, and plan your inventory and investments to make the most of selling seasons.

Make pricing decisions that you can stand by using the Aptos pricing technology to get data-driven recommendations and research-backed insights.

The supply chain software can greatly increase the efficiency and harmonious functioning of your merchandising process from ideation till the products end up in the hands of the end-user.

Regardless of what kind of merchandise you sell, you can depend on Aptos to help you expand your business and deliver hitch-free shopping experiences to your customers.

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4. WestRock

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WestRock uses sustainable packaging to connect people all over the world to products that they’ll love.

Rather than having their hands in various aspects of the merchandising process, the company focuses on helping you influence brand trust, consumer satisfaction, and purchase behaviors through your packaging.

For WestRock, research is the bedrock of success, which is why they regularly carry out surveys and analyze data to gain better insights into what consumers want in their packaging.

They then leverage that information to improve your retail shopping experience, increase brand loyalty, and provide innovative solutions to your specific challenges.

WestRock is known for delivering superior and quality services that are geared towards achieving real and lasting growth for retail businesses. The organization has made revolutionary advancements in retail solutions, papermaking, and packaging design.

The renowned merchandising company doesn’t discriminate when it comes to shopping categories. It provides unique, safe, and sustainable packaging for all sorts of merchandise products including healthcare, food, eCommerce, beverage, beauty, commercial printing, electronics, home & garden, and more.

WestRock also provides a diverse range of consumer packaging solutions to meet the needs of different businesses. So whether you’re going to require craft paper, pulp, folding cartons, protective packaging, paperboard, or specialty printing and packing, the brand is up to the task.

It even offers machinery solutions and corrugated solutions like containers and merchandising displays. If you’re ready to plan or rethink your paper and packaging experience, WestRock is worth a try.

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5. Browzwear

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When it comes to merchandising businesses that are revolutionizing the industry and making it easy for retail and merchandise operations to maximize growth, Browzwear is at the frontline leading the charge.

Browzwear focuses on helping apparel companies reduce production waste, increase sustainability, eliminate productivity barriers, and take their products to market up to 80% faster. And it manages to do this without compromising on efficiency or creativity.

With Browzwear’s VStitcher technology, you can develop designs, modify patterns, and ensure true-motion fit for your apparel before production even begins. You can create an endless variety of new styles with 3D fabrics, design lines, colors, trims, and more.

The Fabric Analyzer lets you determine the bend, thickness, and stretch properties of your desired fabric and loads the information into the 3D design program to enhance the accuracy of your digital creations.

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By providing businesses with fast and accurate digital samples that businesses can depend on, Browzwear takes the guesswork out of design and product fit, and enables stakeholders to make informed decisions faster.

Thanks to Browzwear’s technology, anyone can participate in pricing discussions, garment editing, and even provide feedback from anywhere to ensure the manufacturing is error-proof.

More than 650 global fashion retailers and merchandisers—including Adidas, Walmart, Lululemon, Target, and Puma—rely on Browzwear for their 3D fashion design & styling, development, production, and merchandising solutions.

With Browzwear’s state-of-the-art software, you can eliminate delays or the need for multiple samples and iterations in your product development and merchandising life cycle.

6. Intelligence Node

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Intelligence Node is a VC-backed merchandising company that aims to disrupt and democratize the retail industry with AI-driven product knowledge.

It provides access to real-time information about competitors so other retailers and merchandisers can make informed assortment and pricing decisions quickly to boost sales.

In this age of Amazon, merchandising enterprises that want to compete effectively must rely on data to generate insights and refine their merchandising strategies.

Intelligence Node understands this all too well, which is why it leverages its proprietary algorithms to compile and offer businesses the most comprehensive retail pricing and product dataset in the world.

Since it was founded in 2012, Intelligence Node has mapped over one billion unique products across 190,000 brands and 1,400 categories.

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It continues to refresh this avalanche of data every minute so that its customers have up-to-date information they can use to drive growth and optimize their search performance.

Using Intelligence Node, both growing and establishing retail enterprises can track and optimize prices based on real-time smart recommendations. You can improve conversions by refining your listings to reflect customer reviews and preferences.

The award-winning platform also allows merchandisers to compare, review, and analyze the performance of their products based on factors like assortment, product availability, pricing, visibility, and promotions.

This will better equip them to formulate retail strategies that will successfully grow their customer list, profitability, and market share.

7. Bloomreach

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Another merchandising business example worth mentioning is Bloomreach. The company currently powers 25% of all eCommerce experiences in the US and UK.

Bloomreach is firmly situated at the intersection of retail, marketing, and artificial intelligence. It empowers all kinds of eCommerce businesses to create unique experiences for their customers that drive conversions and revenue.

The platform’s offerings include merchandising, product and content search, SEO, and data-driven recommendations that help boost the visibility of your eCommerce store.

It provides the capabilities of a world-class customer data platform combined with marketing automation across all your digital channels to deliver personalized, magical experiences.

Thanks to brX, Bloomreach’s commerce-specific digital experience platform, merchandising and retail businesses can connect deep product data with deep customer data to unlock over 40% growth.

Bloomreach can help you create dynamic landing pages based on what your visitors are looking for. Its contextual targeting algorithms can personalize shopping experience, increase revenue, product discovery, and conversion rates through content, search, layout, and browse.

By leveraging Bloomreach’s rich customer insights and data to better understand who your buyers are, you’ll be able to adequately satisfy their needs and keep them coming back for more. Additionally, you can improve your merchandising process, as well as product and search recommendations by collecting and analyzing product data with Bloomreach.

Altogether, Bloomreach’s impressive suite of features and eCommerce solutions can enable you to execute, build campaigns, construct high-converting landing pages, and streamline your merchandising life cycle quickly and efficiently.

8. 7thonline

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It’d be remiss to talk about merchandising business examples without shining a light on 7thonline, a merchandise planning, and execution company that specializes in the footwear, apparel, and accessories markets.

7thonline has spent the last two decades enabling planning and merchandising professionals and companies to achieve strategic goals using actionable insights and comprehensive analytics.

7thonline’s services cut across eCommerce, retail, and wholesale, which uniquely positioned it to help merchandisers and retailers of all sizes drive growth, revenue, and overcome omnichannel challenges.

The platform uses breakthrough technology to transform your supply chain in line with current trends and provide the best experience for your shoppers.

You can embrace a new and proven way of handling merchandise demand planning with 7thonline and create a forward-looking supply chain that keeps customers happy and loyal.

What this means is that you’ll be able to identify market opportunities earlier, reduce lost sales & markdowns, and increase the visibility of your merchandise across stores.

Other features and benefits 7thonline offers include the ability to acquire total demand visibility across all your retail locations and channels. You can also drive top-line revenue, reduce production/financial risks, and increase the responsiveness of your supply chain.

9. Daymon

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If you’re in the market for a merchandising business solution that can help you build out every aspect of your brand development from concept to strategy, execution, and audience engagement, Daymon is here to help.

The company is dedicated to helping retailers differentiate themselves from the hordes of competing brands while increasing brand awareness, speed to shelf, and category/product effectiveness.

Daymon partners with merchandisers, retailers, and private brands in all niches to create and implement strategies across all their channels that will foster sustained profitability and growth.

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For merchandising businesses that also manufacture products, Daymon can help with product distribution. It can use its decades of experience and strategic partnerships in the retail industry to influence your brand’s success and growth.

Packaging design is not left out of Daymon’s services. The company’s team of creatives is ready to develop package designs that are peculiar to your brand and range of merchandise.

No matter the challenges you’re facing or what your specific needs are, Daymon can help you develop a customized solution that brings you increased profits and sales while deepening the connection between your brand and your consumers.

10. spicetm Technology Group

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As you know the success of any merchandising business is dependent on a proactive supply chain. This is why spicetm Technology Group has made it its mission to support enterprises in transforming their traditional supply chains into agile, digital supply chains.

spicetm brings trading partners together and empowers them to share supply chain data and collaborate efficiently to deliver accurate orders. Thanks to them, you can eliminate various supply chain challenges and better satisfy the needs of your customers.

The spicetm teams have decades of experience in different areas of expertise and they’re happy to leverage this multidisciplinary intelligence and know-how to guide, support, and activate a superior supply chair for retail businesses.

spicetm ‘s comprehensive commerce and supply chain solution currently serves over 7,500 clients all over the world and has successfully handled thousands of shipments and transactions worth over $15 billion.


The merchandise industry is growing rapidly and increasingly adopting modern technologies to make processes as efficient and fast as possible.

Merchandising business platforms and solutions like the ones explored in this post can help you understand your customers better, refine your marketing strategies, and deliver quality retail experiences to shoppers.

So if you’re ready to grow your operation or get it off the ground, don’t hesitate to check out these companies to see how their solutions can help you get it done.

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