How To Start Your Own Pharma Marketing Company (2023)

This article covers and guides you about How To Start Your Own Pharma Marketing Company.

Every person whose working in pharmaceutical company as a

Medical Representative (Front Line Manager)
Area Sales Manager (ASM)
Regional Sales Manager (RSM)
Zonal Sales Manager (ZSM)

All above have a dream to start his own company. He want to be owner of his own venture. but most of them not start the company even we can say their dream not completed. Various reason behind that but one of the most important issue we will discuss in this article. because they do not know how to start your own pharma marketing company and which things required for a pharma company like

Lot of queries and question which comes in a same time when we plan a pharma company business. In this article we will covered all above questions or queries and give a complete solution for the setup of a pharmaceutical company. every one not having so much money or funds for the pharmaceutical company because if we talk about pharmaceutical company everyone think about manufacturing unit but the cost or expenses for a manufacturing unit ( company) is very high or you can say in crores.

so, start your business with the starting of a pharmaceutical marketing company. it’s a best option for those who don’t have so much money but have a big dream and want to grow in life. First thing required for a business is ‘TRUST’ in yourselfand in your capabilities. Here we will tell you and solve your all query about pharmaceutical marketing company.

  • how to find a company name
  • how to register company name
  • how to design and what type of logo consider for company
  • how much funds required for a company
  • where to manufacture the products
  • how to make product list
  • how to make price list
  • how to distribute and promote the products
  • where to make other promotional material and inputs like visulate( folder), reminder cards, lbl, gifts, scientific studies


  1. Company Registration
  2. Drug Licence number (D.L. No.)
  3. Goods and Service Tax ( GST ) Registration
  4. Trademark registration
  5. FSSAI Registration

All above documents are required to start a company. For the drug licence or DL.NO. you required on pharmacist registration no. and met with drug inspector of your area. they give one specimen copy of documents to you and same documents you can prepare.

For the Goods and Service Tax ( GST ) Registration you can visit the tax authority or a Chartered Accountant helps you to take a Goods and Service Tax ( GST ) Registration no.


How To Start Your Own Pharma Marketing Company (1)


  • If you have marketing and sales experience than it’s good otherwise in starting you should have collect some experience and territory knowledge.
  • make a business plan on paper or in computer
  • According to business plan arrange finance ( own money, savings, loan)
  • research and prepare a list of molecules and sku’s (combination) of that molecules which you want to launch in market.
  • find a place for your business according to govt. rule. space can be rented or own . it’s totally depend on the person position but one thing is important premises or space should be approachable for visitors,transports and couriers.
  • Now finalize the company name and brand name of your company. it’s a very hard task because no. of companies present. so, your brand name and company name should not match with other companies. even names not sounds like registered brands. you can check you company and brand name at below link .

first you register or check your trade name in class 5 and 35. company name in class 35. in this above process you can take help from chartered accountant or lawyer those involve in trade mark registration process.

  • Arrange one pharmacist for the registration of your shop or office for the billing. pharmacist may be your employee , partner or even you can use your pharmacist registration if you have.
  • Goods and Service Tax ( GST ) Registration numberis required
  • find the printer and manufacturer which gives quality product to you. take quotation fromprinter and manufacturer , which helps in finalizing the best person and take feedback from market. above both person deliver his material on time .


  • make a business plan
  • finalize the company name and company logo
  • finalize the product name and price list
  • Print promotional material and packaging material
  • Finalize the product name and combinations
  • Finalize your premises for business and arrange required funds
  • Take trade mark registration and registration of company name
  • Apply for drug licence registration
  • Apply for Goods and Service Tax ( GST ) Registration no.
  • Finalize the manufacturer, place order of your product range and make a contract deal on paper ( rates, quantity and time period include in this paper).
  • Finalize the print and packaging, design material and send packaging material timely to manufacturer . on the behalf of packaging material manufacturer deliver finished goods timely. approximately 35 to 45 days required for manufacturing.
  • Partial payment is required for manufacturer in starting and rest payment can do after completion of product or at the time of delivery.
  • When manufacturer send goods by transport to you then he will send one bill copy along with goods.
  • Transportation
  • Receive product and put in his premises
  • On the behalf of manufacturer bill copy . you can take one final touch to our product list which is prepared during the finalisation of list of product.

During the time of above registration and manufacturing process time. you can finalize the

  1. Visulate or product folder
  2. Preparation of promotional material and product manual
  3. Company profile and company overview for the company site

On the completion of above points , now you have your own company , own brand . you have one plan to success your dream. so, take charge and grab the market opportunity.


  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)
  • DIN (Director Identification Number) If company is in partnership then both partner DIN is required
  • PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card
  • GST NO. ( Goods and Service Tax Number )
  • Identity Proof (Electronic ID / Aadhar Card / Passport / Driving License)
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Address Proof (Bank Statement / Mobile Bill / Telephone)
  • Rent Agreement (Notarised: For rented property) or Ownership proof
  • Latest Electricity Bill
  • MOA(Memorandum Of Association) or/and AOA (Article Of Association)

Procedure For Drug Licence Number

  • Drug inspector of your area give full detail and give one specimen of document required for the drug licence number.
  • Application will be submitted in form no. 19 with other detailed information forms.
  • Pharmacist registration number is required. pharmacist may be you or your partner or even your employee. pharmacist may b diploma in pharmacy or bachelor of pharmacy. even a person having so much experience at pharmaceutical shop then he can also apply for licence as a EP (Experienced Person) but that person should be graduate.
  • Premises size should have minimum of 10 square meter area (requirement of area may vary) and should have single premises.
  • Affidavits
  • Fees ( mode of fee and prescribed fee may vary) and fess submit online
  • Premises Blueprint or layout required which is prepared by architect
  • Freeze purchase bill copy with complete address.
  • Air Conditioner is required
  • Ownership or Rent agreement deed of premises.
  • Electricity bill of premises.
  • Affidavit of proprietor, partner, pharmacist, EP etc.
  • list of name, address , ID proof and role in company of all persons like director and others in case of private limited company.

When you complete submission of all above documents as a file then inspection will be done by drug inspector or drug authority or licensee authority. pass or rejection of your file is totally depend on the drug authority .

when your file will pass then you can start your billing and distribute your goods in the market and other pharma professionals.

Qualification and Eligibility for EP ( experiencedperson) and pharmacist

  • pharmacist may be Registered pharmacist under state pharmacy council (diploma in pharmacy , bachelor of pharmacy
  • EP ( experiencedperson)Minimum one and half year experience at registered wholesale drug licensed firm after graduation and name is registered as EP at Drug Office and he get his salary by cheque or account transfer because at the time of apply licence bank statement is required
  • Minimum four year experience as salesman in registered drug licensed firm after graduation and name is registered as EP at Drug Office.

Requirements for Goods and Service Tax Registration (GST):

GST is essential in India for doing any type of business/trading but below 25 lac annual turnover, there is no requirement of gst registration. GST registration is compulsory to obtain within 30 days after exceeding turnover above 25 lac. Unlike VAT, GST is valid in all states. It can be applied through portal provided by state government or center government. Here we are describing few most common requirements for Goods and Service Tax:
For applying for GST Registration, you can follow following Steps.

  • There will be the two options: New User and Existing User
  • Click at New User and Enter your detail
  • Enter your mobile number and Email Address of the authorized signatory of the business person. Mobile number and email will be used for all future communication from the GST portal and person get all information only on phone number and E-mail.
  • You will receive a OTP on mobile number and Email id you entered in previous step and Enter this OTP.
  • After this enter information and scanned images as mentioned in Provisional registration form

Documents Required For Applying For GSTIN:

  • Digital Signature Certificate (Class II)
  • Address Proof of Business Entity
  • All Proprietor/Partners/Directors Address Proof
  • Aadhaar Card, PAN and Image etc
  • Ownership Proof or Rent agreement
  • Partnership deed or memorandum of association/certificate of incorporation
  • Back Statement and Bank Detail


These are steps for starting Pharma Marketing Company in India. By doing all above steps you are ready to run your own pharma marketing company.

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How To Start Your Own Pharma Marketing Company? ›

While some other sales jobs might only require applicants to possess a high school diploma, many pharmaceutical sales jobs require that applicants possess bachelor's degrees in a related field, such as marketing or health sciences. In some cases, employers may prefer applicants with a related master's degree.

How do I become a pharmaceutical marketing? ›

While some other sales jobs might only require applicants to possess a high school diploma, many pharmaceutical sales jobs require that applicants possess bachelor's degrees in a related field, such as marketing or health sciences. In some cases, employers may prefer applicants with a related master's degree.

How much does pharmaceutical marketing cost? ›

The pharmaceutical industry in the United States spent 6.88 billion U.S. dollars on direct-to-consumer advertising in 2021.

How much do pharma companies spend on marketing? ›

Pharma companies forked out just under $8.1 billion last year on ad campaigns, according to Vivvix, with spend from 2021 being just over $8 billion, leaving things at an even keel year on year.

How much money does it take to start a pharmaceutical company? ›

Cost to Start a Pharma Company

In the US, it ranges from $1 million to $10 million. It will depend on whether you want to develop a drug yourself or license one from another company.

What does a pharmaceutical marketer do? ›

Pharmaceutical marketing involves transferring information on medicines to physicians and updating them with knowledge about the drug.

What do pharmaceutical marketing do? ›

For us, pharmaceutical marketing is a set of actions required by a laboratory or a therapeutic area to publicize the benefits of a product to a specific audience, which are usually medical specialists, healthcare professionals, and all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem (pharmacy managers, scientific societies ...

How much does Pfizer spend on marketing? ›

Pfizer spends between 2% and 3% of its total revenue on advertising. In 2022, for example, Pfizer reported advertising expenses of nearly $2.8 billion and had a total revenue of $100.3 billion.

What degree do you need for pharmaceutical marketing? ›

Pharmaceutical sales is a competitive industry, and almost all companies will require that you have a bachelor's degree. Even if a bachelor's degree is not required, having one will help you stand out from the competition. There is no specific bachelor's degree that is required.

Can you make money in pharmaceutical sales? ›

Usually, there is a base salary plus commission and bonuses, though the salary can vary depending on your years of experience, certification level, and location. Pharmaceutical sales jobs can be lucrative with enough training and experience—and a strong dose of tenacity on your part.

What is the most advertised drug? ›

Rinvoq, Dupixent, and Skyrizi were the top three most advertised drugs on U.S. TV in 2022 based on ad spend. Rinvox led the pack with more than 315.8 million U.S. dollars in TV ad expenditures that year, while Dupixent and Skyrizi spent 305.9 and 174.4 million, respectively.

What is the best selling drug in 2023? ›

Evaluate has published the sales forecast of pharmaceuticals for 2023, and Merck's PD-L1 inhibitor, Keytruda, is expected to be the best-selling drug. The top ten list includes monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, and small molecules.

Does pharma spend more on marketing than R&D? ›

Seven of the 10 largest drugmakers by revenue in 2020 spent more money on selling and marketing existing drugs than on research and development for new drugs, according to an analysis published Oct. 27 by America's Health Insurance Plans.

Can anyone start a pharmaceutical company? ›

You don't need a specific degree to own a pharma startup. You can hire an expert to help you get the necessary wholesale drug and manufacturing licenses.

How much do pharmaceutical company owners make? ›

CEOCompanyTotal pay
6 more rows

How much does a pharmaceutical owner make? ›

The salaries of Pharmaceutical Ceos in the US range from $75,832 to $2,010,217 , with a median salary of $366,696 .

How do I get into healthcare marketing? ›

To become a healthcare marketer, you typically need a bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, or a related field and relevant experience.

What degree is best for pharmaceutical sales? ›

A specific major isn't required, but many PSRs study life sciences, especially biology and chemistry. Aspiring pharma reps would also benefit from undergraduate study in marketing, sales, advertising, and business administration.

Is CNPR certification worth it? ›

It is critical for any candidate to acquire pharmaceutical product knowledge and pharmacology education to qualify for pharmaceutical sales opportunities. 2. Acquiring a CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program educates students on the regulations and guidelines for selling pharmaceuticals to physicians.


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