Top 7 Interior Design Courses in Bangalore - IIM SKILLS (2023)

Everybody on the globe wants to look good and presentable since it enhances the personality and confidence of the individual. Who doesn’t want to feel good? Nobody, right? Just like we represent ourselves by our nature, personality, and confidence, the infrastructure of any monument or building reflects their persona and vibes that are filled by an interior designer by their designing skills. The ability to manage even a shorter or inadequate space into the presentable one is a skill that you can gain with these top 7 interior design courses in Bangalore.

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What is interior design?

Interior design is the art of managing and placing ideas into work to make the interior of the building pleasing, breathable, eye-soothing, and comfortable. It is a skill that requires a deep understanding of colors, texture, lighting, furniture, angles, and also a thorough knowledge of styling.

Interior designers first assemble a proper plan about the space, the type of place, coloring, matching furniture and lighting, right spot and angle to place them, and a lot more. If you are thinking about why interior design is so important, let me explain to you with some examples.

When you sit to study, don’t you need an environment in which you can study with more concentration? Why do lakhs of people choose to go to libraries instead of having study rooms in their homes where no one disturbs them? Do you like going to the same cafe again for fun and hanging out where you did not feel comfortable and free, or you did not like the infrastructure and environment?

You might get your answers, right? And it is not only about the public place. Our home is the place where we spent, maybe not most of the time, but of course the quality time. So, a pleasing and beautiful environment at our homes is very important, and interior designers add the beauty of the interior of buildings with their brilliant design skills.

It might look easy but actually, a professional is the one who knows about the ins and outs of these things. If you are seeking guidance, further we have put some interior design courses in Bangalore for you.

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Top 7 Interior Design Courses in Bangalore


INIFD is one of the best interior design courses in Bangalore that has almost 25 years of experience in training. With the aim of refining our India’s talent, they provide both practical and technical knowledge to their students. After getting trained by experts or industry professionals, you will be ready to reach the international edge with their training programs.

They have multiple interior design courses in Bangalore, you can choose according to your taste.


  • Foundation Program

Duration: 1 Year


  • Fundamentals of Design
  • Visual Communication and Presentation
  • Studio for Residential Space
  • Construction
  • Detailing
  • Essentials of Materials and Systems
  • Advance Program

Duration: 2 Year


  • Fundamentals of design
  • Visual communication and presentation
  • Studio for residential space
  • Interior construction and detailing
  • Essentials of materials and systems
  • Evolution of interior design
  • Studio for workspace
  • Studio for retail and store
  • Studio for cafe and restaurant
  • Business of interior design
  • Specialization Program

Duration: 3 Year


  • Fundamentals of Design
  • Visual Communication and Presentation
  • Studio for Residential Space
  • Interior Construction and Detailing
  • Essentials of Materials and Systems
  • Evolution of Interior Design
  • Studio for Work Space
  • Studio for Retail and Store
  • Studio for Cafe and Restaurant
  • Business of Interior Design
  • Interior Design
  • Research Project
  • Estimation
  • Costing
  • Specification Writing
  • Interior Work Drawing ll
  • Interior Services ll
  • Professional Practice
  • Landscape Design
  • Super Specialization Program

Duration: 2 Year


  • Interior Fabrics
  • Furniture Design Studio
  • Media Communication for Interior Design
  • Inspiration and Concept Development
  • Light and Space Design
  • Sustainability and Interior Design
  • Studio for Exhibition Design
  • Window Display and Visual Merchandising


  • The institute has 25 years of experience in the design industry.
  • They are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and also have connections with a few of the top companies such as Zara, Duravit, etc.
  • Their courses are recognized by top designers.
  • Also, being their students, you will get the opportunity to learn abroad.


Prestige Emporium, No-46 18

Ward No -76 2nd Floor

Next To Cauvery Handicraft Emporium & Above Splash

M G Road, Bengaluru

Karnataka 560001

Contact information

Call: 080 4201 2631

Email: [emailprotected]

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2. Cindrebay School of Design

Cindrebay School of design is another place where you can study without having any confusion and give your dreams a boost. They have experienced faculty in their team that guide students with personal attention, hence it is one of the brilliant interior design courses in Bangalore. They started their base in 2016 and are progressively adding value to future designers.


  • Diploma in Interior Design

Duration:12 Months


  • Basic Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Fundamentals
  • Elements
  • Principle of Design
  • Color Theory
  • Compositions in Interior Design
  • Drafting for Interior Designers
  • Interior Space Components & Furnishing
  • Interior Space Planning
  • Planning
  • Design process
  • Conceptual Drawings
  • Mood Boards
  • Building Materials
  • Construction
  • Building Services
  • Professional Practice
  • Estimation

Other related courses

  • M-Des Interior & Furniture Design

Duration: 2 Year

  • BSc Interior Design & Decoration

Duration: 3 Year

  • BSc Interior Design

Duration: 3 Years

  • PG/Diploma in Interior Design & Space Management

Duration: 1 Year

  • PG Diploma – Furniture Design/ Technology

Duration: 18 Months


  • Workshops
  • Panel Discussions
  • Design Talks by Acclaimed Architects
  • Case Studies
  • Site Visits and Market Studies
  • Alumni Talk
  • Motivation Classes
  • Portfolio Making
  • Seminars/Presentations/Debates
  • Webinars


  • Inspiring environment
  • Unique teaching m
  • High-quality course curriculum
  • Experienced faculty


825, Puttadas Complex

7th Block, Jayanagar

Bengaluru, Karnataka

India – 560070

Contact information

Call: +91 974 188 7884

Email: [emailprotected]

3. Dreamz Designz

Dreamz Designs have trained thousands of aspiring learners through their courses. The students not only get the knowledge but also end up having so much confidence in themselves. They keep their students motivated so that they keep focused on their goals and dreams. The faculty are experienced, they are always passionate to show the pathway of success to their students.


  • Professional diploma in interior architectural design

Duration: 12 Months


  • Design Theory
  • Design Process and Space Planning
  • Design Consideration
  • Drafting & Drawing Tools
  • Anthropometrics and Ergonomics
  • Building Materials
  • Building Construction
  • Services
  • Market Readiness
  • Professional Practice
  • Vasstu
  • Practical Works


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • VIVA
  • Diploma in interior architectural design

Duration: 6 Months


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  • Design Theory
  • Design Process and Space Planning
  • Design Consideration
  • Drafting & Drawing Tools
  • Anthropometrics and Ergonomics
  • Building Materials
  • Building Construction
  • Services
  • Market Readiness
  • Professional Practice
  • Vasstu
  • Guests Lecture
  • Practical Works


  • Residential
  • VIVA
  • Software Included
  • Diploma in aid graphics

Duration: 4 Months


  • Photoshop
  • Auto CAD
  • 3D Max
  • Vray
  • Google Sketchup


  • Learn from experienced faculty
  • Work on projects and assignments
  • Certification
  • Placement


First Floor, Mallige Complex, No.154

Opp. Dhanlaxmi Bank

KHB Colony, 5th Block

Koramangala, Bengaluru

Karnataka 560095

Contact information

Call: 074110 99779 , 09900991776

Email: [emailprotected]

4. JD Institute of Fashion Technology

One of the finest organizations, JD institute of fashion technology, has achieved multiple awards for its training programs and high-quality training. They provide multiple interior design courses in Bangalore, you can find a 1-year diploma to 3 years master program here. They have multiple centers across India from where thousands of students have graduated and shared their success stories.


  • Diploma Course

Diploma in Interior Design

Duration: 1 Year


  • AutoCAD
  • Sketch-up
  • VRAY
  • Project
  • Space Design
  • Dissertation
  • Design Ideology
  • Drafting
  • Services
  • Material Sourcing
  • Portfolio
  • JD Design Award

Other related courses

  • Advanced Diploma course

Advanced diploma in interior design

Duration: 3 Years

  • PG diploma course

PG Diploma in Interior and Spatial Design

Duration: 2 Years

  • Degree courses

BSc. in interior design and decoration

Duration: 3 Years

BSc. in interior design

Duration: 3 Years

BSc. in interior design

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Duration: 3 Years

  • Master degree course

MSc. in interior design

Duration: 2 Years


  • They have 30+ years of experience
  • Established over 38 centers in India
  • Have expert faculty
  • They have a network with leading companies
  • International affiliation
  • Practical training


JD Institute of Fashion Technology,

No 18, Edward House

Brigade Road, Bengaluru

Karnataka, 560001

Contact information

Call: +91-9901 9999 03, +91-9901 9999 04, +919480323232

Email: [emailprotected]

5. ID Institute

Founded in 2009, ID institute has trained thousands of students and is on the way to adding value in more and more aspires. Along with interior design courses in Bangalore, fashion designing and animation VFX courses are also provided by them. They have a brilliant support system, they help their students to find internships and give support in placements.


  • Graduate Diploma in Interior Design

Duration: 1 Year


  • Components
  • Materials
  • Elements
  • Principles of Design
  • Use of Color
  • Lighting Effects on Color
  • Color Scheme
  • Light and Color
  • Decorating Styles
  • How to Design
  • Building Systems
  • Furnishings
  • Advanced diploma in interior design

Duration: 2 Years


  • Drawing
  • Rendering
  • Architectural Graphics
  • Architectural Construction
  • Building Servicestion
  • Material / Construction
  • Interior Design
  • Autocad
  • Trimble Sketchup
  • Furniture Design
  • VR
  • Real-time Rendering
  • Appreciation of Art
  • Architecture
  • Basic Design
  • Model Making
  • 2D/ 3D CAD
  • Estimation
  • Costing
  • Interior Detailing
  • Design Thesis
  • 3D Pano
  • Animation
  • Certificate Course in Interior Design

Duration: 6 Months


  • Introduction to interior design
  • Elements
  • Principles of Design
  • Functional uses
  • Decorative Use of Color
  • Lighting Effects on Color
  • Decorative Color Scheme
  • Light and Color
  • Decorating Styles
  • How to Design
  • Building Systems
  • Components
  • Materials
  • Furnishings
  • Certificate Course in Interior Decoration

Duration: 3 Monts


  • Learn new technologies
  • NVAP accreditation
  • Live projects
  • Internship support
  • Placement support

Contact information

Call: 779 574 7847

Email: [emailprotected]

6. Vogue institute of art and design

Vogue institute of art and design was established in 1996 with the aim of refining the talents of India, and today they are at the peak of their success. They are counted in top design institutes, and also are trusted by thousands of students. All the courses provided by them are promising and of high quality. Here are the interior design courses in Bangalore by the Vogue institute of art and design.


  • Graduate diploma in interior design

Duration: 1 Year

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  • Principles of Design.
  • Material and Methods Services.
  • Furniture Design.
  • Space Design
  • Internship Project.
  • Bachelor’s degree in interior design

Duration: 3 Years


  • Industrial Apprenticeship
  • Construction Material
  • Interior Design
  • Geometrical Drawing
  • Art & Graphic
  • Plumbing and Sanitation
  • Furniture Designing
  • Workshop & Model Making
  • Environmental Studies
  • Professional Practice
  • Project Management
  • Interior Landscaping
  • Elective Projects
  • Construction & Detailing
  • History of Interior Designing
  • Interior Space Planning
  • Project Work
  • Industrial Apprenticeship
  • M.des – interior designing management

Duration: 2 Years


  • Organization behavior
  • Business communication
  • 2d & 3d Graphics
  • Construction materials
  • Fundamentals of Interior design
  • Interior landscaping
  • Estimation and costing
  • Planning
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Customer relationship management
  • Furniture Design
  • Detailing
  • Cad in interiors
  • Interior design
  • Professional practice
  • Project Management
  • Project report


Plot # SW45-SW48,

KIADB Apparel Park Phase II,

Bangalore – 561203

Contact information

Call: 8904672408

Email: [emailprotected]


LISAA, managed by CREO Valley is a design institute in Bangalore that is committed to providing various degree and diploma courses including interior designing, fashion designing, graphic designing, web designing, and web designing, etc. They are also recognized by the government of Kolkata for their exclusive training programs. The trainers are very supportive, they make their courses curriculum more enhanced with fun activities during learning.


  • Diploma in Interior Design


  • Module 1: Introduction to Design
  • Module 2: Drafting for Interior Designers
  • Module 3: Interior Space components/ furnishing/Interior space components
  • Module 4: Interior Space Planning
  • Module 5: Building Services
  • Project 1: (80 hours)
  • Module 6: Introduction to AutoCAD
  • Module 7: Building Materials & Construction
  • Module 8: Office Design
  • Project 2: (40 hours)
  • Module 9: Retail Design
  • Project 3: (40 hours)

Other related courses

  • Interior and product design
  • Interior design and business management


Building 30, Laskar Hosur Road,

Opposite Adugodi Police Station, Koramangala

Bangalore, 560030

Contact information

Call: +91-9035048591, +91-9036030591, +91-9035030591,+91-8904030591, +91-8147030591

Email: [emailprotected]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the qualification to get admission to interior design courses in Bangalore?

You don’t need to worry about the qualification to get admission in interior designing programs because colleges or institutes offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. If you have just cleared 12th then you can enroll for an undergraduate or diploma course. In the same way, if you are looking for a PG course, you also have multiple institutes options listed above.

  • What is the duration of interior designing courses in Bangalore?

Course duration depends on the program, such as a diploma course lasts up to 1 Year, UG course up to 3 years, PG course up to 2 years, and certification course up to 4 to 6 months.

  • Is interior design difficult?

Nothing looks difficult when one has passion and love for something. It is quite challenging because it requires a deep understanding and detail to get work done perfectly. But it is not that difficult, you can easily grasp all the information with these courses.


Now, you all have got the information about interior design and also some of the best interior design courses in Bangalore. Then, what is next? Select the one which suits you and your needs the best, and start learning. These courses will really help you to pursue your dream career with their practical training programs.


Top 7 Interior Design Courses in Bangalore - IIM SKILLS? ›

You can pursue an undergraduate B.Sc. Interior Designing degree followed by an M.Sc. Design Space degree at the postgraduate level to gain the right knowledge, training, and skills needed for the job. Some colleges even offer Diploma courses in interior design so you can consider those as well.

What are the 7 elements of interior design the interior design academy? ›

Explaining the 7 Elements of Interior Design
  • Element 1: Space. The first thing an interior decorator will do is visit the space they're styling to get a sense of its dimensions. ...
  • Element 2: Lines. ...
  • Element 3: Form. ...
  • Element 4: Light. ...
  • Element 5: Colour. ...
  • Element 6: Texture. ...
  • Element 7: Pattern. ...
  • Trust our team with your styling needs.

Which course is best for becoming interior designer? ›

You can pursue an undergraduate B.Sc. Interior Designing degree followed by an M.Sc. Design Space degree at the postgraduate level to gain the right knowledge, training, and skills needed for the job. Some colleges even offer Diploma courses in interior design so you can consider those as well.

What are the 7 principles of design? ›

Emphasis, balance and alignment, contrast, repetition, proportion, movement, and white space are the cornerstones of the principle of design.

What are the 4 stages of interior design? ›

Conceptual Development Phase. Design Development Phase. Construction Documentation Phase. Construction Maintenance & Administration Phase.

What are skills for interior design summary? ›

List of Skills to Put on an Interior Design Resume
Soft SkillsHard Skills
Creative ThinkingColor Sense
CommunicationTechnical Drawing
ListeningProject Management
5 more rows

What are the five steps to become an interior designer? ›

  1. Interior Designer and Interior Decorator are the Same Thing, Right?
  2. Go To School and Earn an Associate or Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design.
  3. Upon Graduation, Pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualification Exam and Get an Interior Design License (If Necessary)
  4. Build a Strong Portfolio.
  5. Take Pro Bono Work.

Which field is best for interior design? ›

The most common and popular career profiles after pursuing an interior design course are to become Interior designers and interior decorators. Students can pursue BDes, BA, BSc or Diploma in Interior Design.

What is the highest degree in interior design? ›

Doctorate Degree in Interior Design

Doctoral programs in interior design provide the highest form of education available. Individuals who pursue these programs typically want to work in research, postsecondary teaching, or advanced business roles.

What is Rules 3 in interior design? ›

The rule of three says that things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings.

What are the 3 F's in interior design? ›

In this article, we've broken down the steps into three parts we're calling the three F's: floorplan, finishes, and fixtures. Though designing the floorplan of your home can be exciting in its own right, the real fun starts with finishes and fixtures. This is what makes the home stand out as uniquely yours.

What are the 9 major interior design styles? ›

These 9 different interior design styles – maximalist, brutalist, coastal, minimalist, rustic, art deco, Hollywood Regency, midcentury modern and modern organic – have unique characteristics. And these are the tips and tricks to designing comfortable and luxurious interiors with neutrals.

What are the 12 rules of design? ›

There are twelve basic principles of design: contrast, balance, emphasis, proportion, hierarchy, repetition, rhythm, pattern, white space, movement, variety, and unity.

What are the 5 core design principles? ›

Summary: The principles of scale, visual hierarchy, balance, contrast, and Gestalt not only create beautiful designs, but also increase usability when applied correctly.

What is the golden rule in interior design? ›

In theory, a room should be 1.6 times wider and 2.6 times longer than it is taller to achieve perfection... but of course, this is not always practical or possible. Often, however, great room proportions are just something we get a feeling for when we enter them for the first time.

What is the first rule of interior design? ›

1. Give your sofas space. For a comfortable living space, think about practicalities as well as aesthetics. As a rule of thumb, you should allow 45cm between the seating and a central coffee table – any less than this can feel like a squeeze, but too much more can prove uncomfortable when reaching for a drink or book.

What are the 2 types of interior design? ›

We're here to clear up the difference between modern and contemporary. In spite of their number of similarities, there are a few big signs that you're looking at a modern interior. Modern design refers to a specific time period while contemporary design is ever-evolving.

What are hard skills in interior design? ›

Some popular Interior Designer hard skills are Interior Design, SketchUp, AutoCAD, V-Ray, Furniture, Space Planning, Furnishings and Adobe Photoshop.

What makes interior design hard? ›

Learning technical skills

While working as an interior designer is a highly creative field, mastering the technical skills required can make being an interior designer hard. Designers often need to be skilled in sketching, digital imaging, computer assisted design (CAD) and 3D modeling.

Is interior design a successful career? ›

According to Indeed Salaries, interior designers can expect to make an average annual salary of $57,747 per year in the United States. Having this salary can help you find high-quality housing in varied locations and may support your overall cost of living.

What is a soft skill in interior design? ›

The second most common hard skill for an interior designer is space planning appearing on 7.9% of resumes. The third most common is sketch on 6.4% of resumes. Three common soft skills for an interior designer are problem-solving skills, visualization and artistic ability.

Is interior design a skill or talent? ›

Interior design is a modern, fast-paced industry requiring many talents and learned skills. Gaining interior design skills requires a strong work ethic and a deep passion for the craft.

What is a skill example? ›

Problem-solving skills: creativity, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Customer-service skills: active listening, time management, and prioritization. Interpersonal skills: communication, teamwork, and empathy. Leadership skills: decision making, stress management, and organization.

What are the keys to interior design? ›

5 Interior Design Tips
  • Spend carefully. When you're just getting started in interior design, it's best to take things slow and decide which items will be your big-ticket ones. ...
  • Remember to think about lighting. ...
  • Make good use of accent pieces. ...
  • Give your furniture room to breathe. ...
  • Your home is not a showroom.
Jun 7, 2021

Is interior design in demand in USA? ›

Job Outlook

Employment of interior designers is projected to show little or no change from 2021 to 2031. Despite limited employment growth, about 8,200 openings for interior designers are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

Are interior designers rich in USA? ›

Salary of interior designers

Interior designers in the U.S. earn an average of $59,107 per year and some salaries can range from $15,000 to $132,000 per year.

Can an Indian interior designer work in USA? ›

Yes, an Indian interior designer can work in the US. The US is a hub for many international designers from all over the world. The US employment market is globally competitive and many interior design professionals from India have found success in the US.

Which course is best for designing? ›

Popular Design Specializations
Popular Design Specialisations
Graphic DesignWeb Design
Product DesignUser Experience Design
Textile DesignKnitwear Design
Fashion TechnologyFashion Communication
2 more rows

Which is the best private college for interior design in India? ›

CEPT University, MAHE Manipal and SRM Institute of Technology are some of the best Interior Designing colleges in India colleges in India by NIRF. Mumbai University, Rizvi College of Architecture Mumbai and Amity University Mumbai are the best Interior Designing colleges in Mumbai.

What is another title for an interior designer? ›

Similar professions and job titles to an Interior Designer are Interior Architect, Design Coordinator, Design Assistant, Design Consultant, Design Associate, Space Planner and Design Manager.

Is interior design career worth it? ›

Interior Design Can Be Very Lucrative.

Potential earnings are quite limitless in the interior design industry. While those who work for established design companies may start with a relatively modest salary, those with the strongest reputations who work for themselves can write their tickets.

Does interior design require math? ›

Interior designers are frequently required to be mathematically proficient. They must understand basic geometry and how to calculate measurements in order to create accurate floor plans.

What is the 60 30 10 rule? ›

What is the 60-30-10 Rule? It's a classic decor rule that helps create a color palette for a space. It states that 60% of the room should be a dominant color, 30% should be the secondary color or texture and the last 10% should be an accent.

What is the 80 20 rule in interior design? ›

It's called the 80-20 rule and it's very simple: if you decorate 80% of a room in neutral colors, you can get very colorful with the other 20%.

What's the golden rule most interior designers follow? ›

You've probably heard of the 2:3 rule, otherwise known as the 'golden ratio'. Ideally, every room should follow this. Start by dividing a room into two sections – the larger one should measure 2:3 of the space, and be the area for big pieces of furniture such as your sofa, bed or dining table.

What are the four A's of design? ›

A new way of thinking about these formal work scales and needs is provided by sharing a simple context for thinking about them — the four “A's”. These A's include Archive, Active, Array and Await. A working definition of each is shared along with some examples.

What are the three core types of design? ›

I tend to divide design into three main types: product, interface, and visual.
  • Product Design. ...
  • Interface Design. ...
  • Visual Design. ...
  • Interrelation of types.
Dec 5, 2012

What is luxury interior design style? ›

Luxury interior design focuses on creating a luxurious and opulent environment. It is often characterized by lavish, expensive-looking materials and furnishings, as well as a high level of attention to detail.

What are the 8 most important principles in interior design? ›

In this article we will discuss the 8 elements of design: space, form (shape), pattern, line, light, texture, scale and color.

What are the 7 elements of interior design and description? ›

It's said that when designing a space, there are seven elements that you should consider: space, form, line, light, colour pattern and texture. This week, we sat down with the team at Lauren Gilberthorpe Interiors to discuss the 7 elements of interior design, and how they impact how a room looks and feels.

What are the seven elements of interior design and explain each? ›

What are the 7 elements of design? The 7 elements of design consider space, line, form, light, color, texture and pattern. A balance of these elements is vital to every scheme.

What are the elements of the interior design? ›

Professional interior designers will usually follow a set of informal “rules”, based on specific interior design principles and elements. These interior design elements include space, line, forms, light, colour, texture and pattern; and keeping them balanced is the key to creating an aesthetically pleasing interior.

What are the elements of design in interior design? ›

The five elements of interior design include space, line, form, color, and texture.

What are the 7 elements and 8 principles of design? ›

What Are the Seven Principles of Art and Design? The seven principles of art and design are balance, rhythm, pattern, emphasis, contrast, unity, and movement. The elements of art and design are line, shape/form, space, value, color, and texture. The elements of art and design are the tools of visual artists.

What are the 5 style of interior design? ›

According to Decorist, a popular online design platform, the top five most requested styles are, in order of popularity: traditional, modern, transitional, eclectic, and mid-century modern.

What are the seven elements? ›

About the book

Seven Elements vividly describes how iron, carbon, gold, silver, uranium, titanium and silicon have shaped the world around us - for good and for bad.

What are the 6 principles of interior design? ›

There are seven main principles of interior design: balance, harmony, rhythm, proportion and scale, emphasis, contrast, and details.

What is the most important element in interior design? ›

The most important element of interior design would be a functional space. Functional space acts as the base of the entire interior design. Therefore, it is essential that the user and designer both are well aware of the space availability and purpose of each individual space.

Do you need drawing skills to be an interior designer? ›

Drawing Skills: Basic hand drawing is one of the most fundamental skills required to succeed in this field. Interior floor plans, space arrangement, and material planning can only be developed and communicated by creating design sketches. Drawing skills can also play a part in visualizing space.

How can I learn interior design myself? ›

Here are some strategies for teaching yourself interior design.
  1. Use interior decorating books.
  2. Go to interior design websites.
  3. Watch interior design shows on TV.
  4. Use interior design software programs.
  5. Take classes or workshops if you want to learn more.
  6. Practice interior decorating on your own home.
Feb 23, 2022

What are the three types of balance? ›

There are three different types of balance: symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial. The human figure in this diagram is symmetrically balanced; the same on the left and right sides of a central axis.


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